Who else wants the first three chapters of 45 Tips that I use for resolving RA flares naturally?

A RA flare is defined as a sudden increase in pain, redness and number of swollen and painful joints. Inflammation markers also increase. But Rheumatoid arthritis flares really hurt...with constant daggers digging and twisting in the joints. An exploding grenade or two.

In addition, the pain and fatigue saps your energy during an arthritis flare up. You’ll probably have to sleep much more, but the pain keeps waking you. Your strength in the inflamed joints often plummets. It’s difficult to perform tasks that only a few days ago were routine. It may be too difficult to work.

And a rheumatoid arthritis flare triggers the worry and frustration cycle When will you get rid of this? Will it return?

Often, it’s treated by changing the medications or boosting your dosage of medication. In my experience, sometimes the new meds squelch the RA flare…and sometimes not.

An arthritis flare up is a roller coaster of excruciating pain.

Most websites report that rheumatoid arthritis flares have no cause.

As a scientist healing from RA, I think they’re wrong: I think that a specific trigger causes each flare. If we could identify the cause, then we can help resolve it and prevent future flares.

I’ve identified at least 63 potential triggers for rheumatoid arthritis flares. Some triggers may wreck havoc on your joints while your body may ignore others… at least today.

Do you know what triggers your flares?

Maybe an infection? Or dehydration ? Or anger? Or a specific food? Or your body's response to a man-made chemical ? Or...

Whatever, it is, I’d like to know.

I’m writing a special report on rheumatoid arthritis flares:

The frequency of flares, how long they usually last, symptoms of RA flares, what causes RA flares in other people, and how you calm the intensity of the flare or help to resolve them.

Whether you get flares or not, please fill out the easy survey form below.

Working together, we can decipher at least some of the many causes of RA flares. We together can also provide a more complete view of flares from the patients' point of view.

Then I’ll compile the characteristics, and submit to a scientific journal. I'll also compile the ways RA patients help resolve them.

Do you have any burning questions? I also want to be sure to answer your most pressing questions in upcoming books, newsletters or articles so please fill in the easy 3 min RA survey form. I’ll be consulting other experts soon (including specialists who helped me) and your most important questions deserve all our perspectives.

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In this free special report, you'll discover:

• The vitamin that more than doubles your chances of coaxing your rheumatoid arthritis into remission.

• Two essential foods for healthy, slippery joints (Too little and your joints move like two raisins trying to glide over each other).

• The vitamin deficiency common in RA patients that causes joint and muscle pains, and increases risk of infection. (Plus a simple free way to boost your levels).

• An overlooked goldmine of clinically documented common substances that trigger flares in 5% to 100% of RA patients. These include: Top 10 food allergens for RA patients revealed in clinical studies (and it does not include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers or eggplant).

• 10 lists of common and uncommon foods containing one of these 10 food allergens. (Did you know that corn-based food is in your salt?)

• Substitutions for each of the 10 described common food allergans.

• 7 methods to detect food allergies, including three you can easily check at home.

• 4 ways that help your body recognize food as nutrients, not allergens.

• 64 supporting scientific references described in easy to understand English.

45 tips compatible with your medications

• 45 tips to help your body heal beginning today.

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