An arthritis consultation with K. Molnar-Kimber, Ph.D. focuses on your arthritis.

Your arthritis consultation helps you decipher what triggers may be aggravating your joint problems. And then it helps you develop an action plan tailored to your situation.

Only you can put a price on a consultation that:

(a) Gives you a “fresh opinion” on potential triggers and ways to resolve them

(b) Helps you personalize a healing journey to your circumstances,

(c) and helps you troubleshoot challenges encountered along your healing journey.

An arthritis consultation may also help you answer specific burning questions. What's the best diet for me? Could an infection trigger this disease? Does smoke affect response to therapy?

Investment in your health is $90 per hour. Save $10 when you reserve 3 hours and $20 when you reserve 5 hours.

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After ordering the consultation hours, fill in the convenient contact form today or call 610-990-7713 to reserve an appointment.

Katherine Molnar-Kimber, Ph.D. holds appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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