Many rheumatoid arthritis patients, maybe you, would prefer natural cleaning solutions for your health, your family’s health and the environment.

Natural cleaning solutions lack common additives, dyes and solvents found in commercial cleaning solutions.

Do you get headaches and body aches when a house cleaner comes to clean with all their strong solutions?

Many rheumatoid arthritis patients, maybe you, have developed sensitivities to common additives, dyes and reagents found in commercial cleaning solutions.

If the smells of common cleaning spray solutions or sprays bother you, too, then try these natural cleaning solutions that really work!

They have no dyes, no formaldehydes, and no Clorox.

2 recipes for all purpose natural cleaning solutions

All around Cleaner

3 teaspoon borax 4 Tablespoon vinegar 2 cups hot water

Mix, spray on surface and let stand a minute or two. Then wipe off the dirt with a clean soft rag.

All Purpose Cleaning Solution

½ c Ammonia ½ c vinegar 2 Tablespoons baking soda 1 gallon of water

Put on surface. Let stand a few minutes and then wipe off dirt.

Windows Sparkle with this Natural Cleaning Solution for Glass

½ c of white vinegar 1 quart (4 c) of water

Mix in a spray bottle, spray lightly on the windows and wipe off the dirt with a rag, newspaper, or microfiber cloth.

You’ll have sparkling clean windows with no fumes or streaks very quickly!

Makes shining furniture without using the common furniture sprays.

A microfiber cloth really picks up the dirt and you only need to get it damp.

In the rare occasions when needed, I use the following furniture polishing oil

Furniture Oil

1 ounce of lemon juice 2 ounce of olive oil

Mix in a clean plastic bottle. Pour a small amount on the furniture and polish with a clean soft rag.

Natural Cleaning Solution for floors:

It’s amazing how often floors need to be washed.

¼ cup liquid soap ¼ cup lemon juice 2 gallons warm water

This solution really gets the job done.

Two Natural Disinfectants:

Hydrogen Peroxide--It's cheap, not toxic, and easily available from your drugstore.

Cleaning solution for Molds: 1 c vinegar and 1 cup hot water destroys most molds.

Cleaning Carpets

In home carpet cleaning machines, professional cleaners recommend using just hot water.

If you use soap and don’t get it all out, the soap residue acts like a magnet for dirt.

You’ll have to clean more often.

Natural cleaning solutions for Coffeepots

Many restaurants use ice, salt and lemon juice to clean the coffeepots.

After you swish for a few minutes, all you need is a good rinse and you are ready to go.

Natural cleaning solution for Coffeemaker

To clean your coffee maker, just fill it with white vinegar instead of water (do not add coffee) and brew.

After one cycle of vinegar, run one cycle with just water.

After that, you are ready to brew great tasting coffee again.

When some rheumatoid arthritis patients, maybe you, replace conventional cleaners with these natural cleaning solutions or other natural cleaning solutions, they stopped their headaches and dull aches in the bones, joints and muscles.

Rheumatoid arthritis patients, likely you, are less able to neutralize and eliminate toxic substances.

Reducing your exposure to toxins allows your body to use its glutathione defense system to neutralize the toxins it already has.

Using natural cleaning solutions reduces your exposure and your family’s exposure to many dyes and solvents.

Some rheumatoid arthritis patients, maybe you, would benefit from getting rid of the toxins in their body.

You can release toxins and excrete them using an arthritis detoxification program.

Please note that the information on this website is a sharing of information and knowledge from the research and experience of Dr. Molnar-Kimber and her community. It is not intended to replace your one on one relationship with a qualified health care professional. It also is not intended to be medical advice. However, it is often observed that patients who take a major interest in their disease and learn as much as they can about their disease and potential treatments often improve faster than those who don’t. Dr. Molnar-Kimber encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and discussions with your qualified health care professional.

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